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All materials have been sterilized using heat and UV light. 3 layers of 100% cotton fabric with replaceable filter. Washable and reusable. Adjustable straps. Designed to protect your nose, mouth and face when in public.

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I am an essential worker at a grocery store and I have bought 3 of these protective masks. They are fashionable, true to size, and very helpful in my day to day life. Everytime I am at work, I get so many questions and comments about my mask. I am so glad that I came across this website!

Megan M.

I bought a mask for each member of my family including my high-risk and elderly parents. They now feel safe everytime they go outside and can look good while doing it!

Briana V.

Once I had heard about cloth masks being recommended, I immediately searched for the best quality and priced masks available. That brought me to Handmade Face Masks! 

Kurt A.

Some of the many options available of our masks.

More options available of our masks.

The filter that is included in every order.